My name is Kimberley and I am an in-home childcare provider. I have provided childcare exclusively in Frisco since 1990.  My hours of operation are 7am-5:00pm M-F. Texas law allows an in-home provider to care for 6 children, full-time, (according to their ages).  Smaller ratios are just one of the benefits of a registered childcare home. Another important benefit of In-home childcare, as opposed to center-based care, is a warm, inclusive family setting. A home atmosphere fosters an overall feeling of contentment and security. Children learn from an early age that they are loved and respected. Small groups are also less stressful to children. In a smaller group setting children are able to form closer social bonds and get personal attention from someone who truly knows and cares for them. We pride ourselves on maintaining a low-risk of illness atmosphere based on less people entering our environment as opposed to a large commercial daycare facility. My adult to child ratio never exceeds 6:1 as determined by the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services Minimum Standards Law of Operation.  Minimal or no turnover in caregivers is also very comforting to parents.  Being able to leave your child in the care of one person and returning at the end of the day to pick them up with the same person is priceless.

     My program goal is dedicated to the growth & development of infants & toddlers where the intellectual, social, cognitive, physical & emotional developmental potential of each child can be recognized in a positive and stimulating manner that is consistent with effective teaching practices. It is my belief that children learn & retain more information when  manipulative materials, creative dramatics, music, art & movement are made available to them on an individual and small group basis.  Being an integral part of their lives has extremely enhanced my work with children and has been unbelievably rewarding. When I enroll a child into my program, I consider it an honor to be given the special opportunity to play an active role in a child's life.  I look forward to interacting with each child and watching them blossom into loveable, happy, well-adjusted individuals ready to explore their world and all it has to offer.

       The children in my care are always my first priority. When your child is in my care he/she will be introduced to a developmentally appropriate curriculum which will enable them to be creative, inquisitive, outgoing, energetic, fun-loving and respectful. We currently use the "Highscope" infant & toddler curriculum. We will also explore the color spectrum, circle/story time, sensory/gross motor/cognitive skills & recognition based on your child's individual needs.  An abundent amount of  time will be spent outdoors when weather permits. We will spend time working on creative projects, free/dramatic play, building strong relationships and sharing, "please & thankyou" techniques while we challenge ourselves to accomplish tasks and acquire everyday life/home living skills.  

      As part of tracking growth & development, daily progress reports are maintained on all infants participating in my program.  I am located directly behind the Frisco Central Fire Station & "Safety Town".  We would love to welcome your little sweet pea into our loving group of friends. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any additional questions/concerns you may have.  I look forward to speaking with you regarding all of your childcare needs and expectations. 

"Many of our greatest thinkers locate their capacity for original and profound thought in their imaginative abilities, first developed through creative play in early childhood."       Sharma Olfman a very important part of learning. Children learn from play. They are able to imitate what they see. In a home environment, children feel more comfortable to act out their emotions and express themselves. They receive information, and in turn, take knowledge and try to reproduce actions. Each action has a cause and effect, therefore allowing a child to learn, as well as comprehend and retain information. Home living skills, how to interact with other children, sharing, trust, and building lasting relationships are just a few of the things my program offers.


"Mission Statement"~ It is my mission as a childcare provider to guide children in a positive direction towards reaching their highest potential, achieving their personal best and maintaining a healthy, loving and educational environment to facilitate each child's developmental process.
 Ms. Kimberley

                                        Definition of a Childcare Provider

Child-Care-pro-vi-der (child kar pro vid er) n.

Chef, Baker, Janitor, Sock & shoe finder, Coat buttoner, Boot fitter, Bottle washer, Grocery
shopper, Diaper changer, Protector, Dishwasher, Nose wiper, Vegetable peeler, floor 
sweeper, Waiter, Storyteller, Playground attendant, P.E. teacher, Activity director, Driver,
Zoo keeper, Inspector, Tutor, Entertainer, Therapist, Manager, Derby instructor, Performer,
Bookkeeper, Self-esteem builder, Teacher, Helper, Well wisher, Nurse, Traffic controller,
Noise controller, Life saver, Thinker, Problem solver, Engineer, Designer, Counselor, Safety
instructor, Arbitrator, Creator, Inventor, Companion, Musician, Historian, Technician, 
Dietitian, Athlete, Beautician, Fire marshal, Analyst, Artist, Scientist, Accountant, 
Manicurist, Receptionist, Environmentalist, Pharmacist, Hygienist, Speech therapist, Reader,
Builder, Informer, Composer, Supervisor, Author, Navigator, Peacemaker, Friend........... 
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*Teachers' with a child enrolled have a part- time, minimum two day's of care option to hold their child's spot with a decreased tuition during summer months.

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