I am a participant in the USDA food program and a nutritious breakfast, lunch &
snack are provided daily.  All three stages of organic baby foods  are also provided at 8 months of age including 100% juices, biter crackers & infant cereals.  Vitamin "C" is incorporated into our menu daily and vitamin "A" is incorporated into menus on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Plenty of filtered water is also provided.  We are  familiar with "Baby Led Weaning" concept, gluten free menus and allergies awareness.                      
      MONDAY                          TUESDAY           WEDNESDAY                THURSDAY             FRIDAY                   
       Breakfast 7:45-8:30am
       BLUEBERRY WAFFLES        CHEERIOS           FRENCH TOAST            OATMEAL              MUFFINS
       PEACHES                          BANANAS            FRUIT SALAD               PEARS                   APPLESAUCE
       MILK                                MILK                  MILK                           MILK                     MILK

     Lunch 11:00-12:00pm           
    CHICKEN NUGGETS           FISH STIX             GRILLED CHEESE           MEATLOAF              CORN DOGS             TATER TOTS                     CORN                    GRAPES                          SQUASH                     PEAS           
      GREEN BEANS              PINEAPPLES      CARROTS                    POTATOES              PEACHES
      BREAD                           BREAD                BREAD                          BREAD                     BREAD
      MILK                              MILK                    MILK                             MILK                        MILK
      Snack 3:30-4:30PM           
      MINI GOLDFISH          PRETZELS         TEDDY GRAHAMS     CHEX MIX             APPLES        
        MILK                           100% JUICE        MILK                          100% JUICE           MILK


     Lunch Sample II 
      SPAGHETTI                    MINI BURGER    BEEFY NOODLES      HOT DOGS          LASAGNA 
       MIXED VEGGIES             BROCCOLI         SPINACH                    MIXED FRUIT      SALAD
       BREAD                             BREAD               BREAD                       BUNS                    BREAD
       MILK                                MILK                  MILK                           MILK                    MILK

              *All meals are served with 100% whole vitamin D milk as well as whole grain breads*
                                       *Seasons factor into our food selections*
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                                             HOW MUCH  DO I LOVE YOU?
                                 I love you as much as a frog loves to hip-hop,
                               as much as a pond loves the sound of a raindrop,
                                  beating out a rhythm like a drip-drop be-bop.
                                           I love you that much and more.

                                    I love you as much as a horn loves to toot,
                                   as much as an owl loves to hooty-hoot-hoot,
                                     with a love as lovely as a tune on a flute.
                                            I love you that much and more.

                                   I love you as much as a rocker loves to roll,
                                 with a love that swings like a dancin' tadpole,
                                      as much as we love our old water hole.
                                           I love you that much and more.

                                    I love you as much as a band loves to wail,
                                      with a love as lively as a floppy fish tail.
                                My love travels with you like a little boat's sail.
                                            I love you that much and more.

                                          My love is as tender as a lullaby,
                                        as sweet as a kiss and a sleepy sigh.
                                  I love you as much as all the stars in the sky.
                                           I love you that much.  And more!

                                                                                                     ~By Jennifer Berne
                                     (dedicated to all of the precious children in my care)
                                                           Miss Kimberley

"Frisco is Fantastic"
  *Copyright Homestead 2008*

                                                                "Daily Schedule"

        One of our typical days would be as follows. *Please note that schedules and activities are interchanged
                                and accomodated according to weather, temperment and seasons                                                  

7:00                Children begin arriving/greetings & hugs for one another
7:30-8:00       Nutritious Breakfast (please see sample menu)
8:00-8:15      Clean-up/disinfect/wash hands & faces
                       *Doors are locked after last child arrives or by 9am for safety*
8:15-8:45       Free play/activities such as vinyl climber, foam blocks, toys, or balls, tummy time for infants
8:45-9:00       Diaper checks & changes/potty,sanitize hands
9:00-9:30       Circle/story time, self-expression, singing songs, weather/calendar, days of the week
9:30-10:00     Reciting ABC's, counting, colors, shapes, excercise recognition ability, left foot/hand-right                                             foot/hand
10:00-10:30   Jump & stretch, "head shoulders knees & toes", "ring around the rosies", Animal sounds
10:30-11:00   Educational Programming while lunch is prepared such as Baby Einstein series, Word World, etc.
11:00-11:15   Diaper checks & changes/potty, sanitize hands
11:15-11:30   Prepare children for lunch, wash hands & faces, grooming hair, putting on shoes, seating & bibs
11:30-12:00   Lunch Time (please see sample menu)
12:00-12:15   Clean-up, wash hands & faces, sanitize food prep/eating area
12:15-12:45   Outside time (weather permitting) Run & jump, climb, slide, exploration of our environment                                       including   falling leaves, caterpillars, birds, the wind, sun & clouds, dirt, flowers, listening for                                    airplanes/trucks
12:45-1:00      Replacing toys in proper location, washing hands & faces, Diaper checks & changes/potty,                                            winding down, removing shoes, getting a drink of cold filtered water, placing out nap                                                    mats/blankies, soothing music, "Night-Night's" to everyone
1:00-3:30        Quiet/rest/nap time 
3:30-3:45        Wake-up! Prepare infant bottles, get snack ready for toddlers, open blinds, put mats away, stretch
3:45-4:00        Diaper checks & changes/potty, sanitize hands                               
4:00-4:15        Snack time  (please see sample menu)
4:15-4:45        Free play/dramatic play, working on sharing, manners, taking turns, tummy time for infants,
                          learning to crawl, stand, walk, grasp, hand-eye coordination, sounds pronunciation, fine & gross
                          motor skills, holding bottle (at about 5 months), etc.
4:45-5:15        Puzzle time, Arts & crafts, coloring, chalk, lacing, singing ABC's, remembering what we did today,
                          Baby Einstein toys for infants, stackers, fitting shapes, chew toys for teething, etc.
5:15-5:30        Clean-up playroom, empty trash,  Diaper checks & changes/potty, sanitize hands
5:30-6:00        Departure, hugs & kisses to one another, reminders for parents, infant daily progress reports                                      given, Limited Educational Programming allowed during time for parent's to arrive          
Frisco In Home Professional Childcare